About us


The term Botega refers to the italian Renaissance period, flourishing with art and culture and combines the concepts of creativity and professional training. Looking at a company as a artisanal shop, in which individual skills and innovative ideas take place, let our imagination fly whilst staying focused in our present.


Every day we feel the beauty emerging from our hands and we have the privilege of seeing it take shape around us. Our mission is to follow it step by step until the achievement of the final element, functional and accurate, and it gives us satisfaction: the same one we want to offer our clients. When we create a kitchen, a lounge or a bedroom we are conscious that we are not only manifacturing some furniture, we are realising a vision, giving shape to objects that will influence people's existence and will accompany them for a lifetime. Therefore the perfection of the whole is as important as the one of the single element. We need to consider the harmony of the single parts and of the whole, making sure that one element doesn't overbear the others and that every detail is fuctional to the successful outcome of a single room or a whole house. It is about sensitive evaluations that differentiate a rough job from a piece of art that is tasteful and classy, always synonyms of the “Made in Italy” label, a company and its artisans: this makes Botega a reference point in the world.

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